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NoFollow Links : SEO basics

Are you looking to learn about NoFollow Links? Here’s an in-depth guide about NoFollow links that you can use to improve your SEO strategy.

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for search engine optimization. However, not all backlinks are equal. In fact, there are many different types of backlinks such as nofollow, dofollow, noindex, doindex, meta robots and so on. Today, we’ll be looking at NoFollow Links in more detail, and also understand the difference between nofollow links and dofollow links.

What are Nofollow Links?

Test Website

Nofollow is an HTML attribute for anchor links that tells search engine bots not to use it to influence the search engine rankings of the link’s target website. Here’s an example of nofollow link:

The above link will tell the search engine bots not to use this link to influence the search engine rankings of “Test Website”

What are the types of Nofollow links?

There are 2 ways you can add nofollow links to a page.

Using robots meta tag : You can add a single robots meta tag on your page to tell the search engine bots/crawlers/spiders that all links on that page are to be counted as nofollow links. This way, you don’t need to individually add rel=”nofollow” attribute to each link. Here’s an example,

Using link attribute : As mentioned earlier, you can also make individual links as nofollow by adding the rel=”nofollow” attribute to them. This is useful if you only want some of the links on your page to be nofollow links. Here’s an example:

Test Website

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Nofollow links are a great way to tell search engine bots which links should be excluded from search engine ranking calculations. It enables site owners and webmasters to keep their website spam-free and maintain high quality outgoing links on them. So, if you run a blog, forum or a website, ensure that the links placed in blog comments and forum answers have the nofollow attribute, and also keep any affiliate links on your site as nofollow links. From an SEO perspective, nofollow backlinks are not really helpful in boosting search ranking of your website. However, you can always get quality referral traffic if you get nofollow links from highly relevant websites and blogs.

Updated: December 15, 2017 — 6:49 pm

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